World Record For Movie-Watching Broken in Times Square

We’ve all done it. One minute you get innocently sucked into watching The Breakfast Club on VH1. The next thing you know it’s 5 a.m. and you’re still only halfway through that Lord of the Rings marathon you stumbled upon on Encore. And as much as you feel cracked out and like less of a human being for sitting in front of a TV screen for so long, you just can’t stop watching!

No big deal for Suresh Joachim of Toronto and Claudia Wavra of Germany, who, the Associated Press is reporting, probably just broke the world record for continuous movie-watching after tuning in to 57 consecutive films in 123 hours in “a plastic-glass house” in Times Square. According to the AP: “A Guinness World Records spokesman said it appears the non-dynamic duo have broken the record but said it will take two weeks to officially verify … Each movie had to be viewed until the last credit rolled, and competitors couldn’t divert their eyes from the screen. They were allowed 10-minute breaks between movies.”

The pair were among eight record-challengers who started watching Iron Man on Oct. 2. By hour 72, it was down to Mr. Joachim and Ms. Wavra. And what better way to end a nearly week-long movie marathon than with a scene of two women driving their car off a cliff? Yes, the ending credits for Thelma and Louise rolled in around 3:10 a.m this morning, bringing the competition to a close. (Bonus for the new record-holders: Susan Sarandon dropped off a copy of the film in person.) The glorious finale is posted above.