Amid a Plague of Live-Blogs, The Atlantic Stays Classy

We’re having trouble locating a site on our RSS feed that hasn’t been overtaken by election live-blogging. Jezebel is. Time too. The Daily Cartoonist is, we kid you not, trying to live blog presidential election cartoons. You’re probably too busy live-blogging to even read this post.

But should you have a spare second between calling Wisconsin for Obama and saying petty things about David Gergen’s brace of hair, we want to recommend The Atlantic’s Live Election Analysis—a staid and awfully Atlantic-like name for what’s actually a hilarious group twitter account.

It’s a little bit like reading a stage play about a newspaper: the whole staff shouting at and past one another, teasing, joking, screwballing around, calling out developments as they break. It’s His Girl Friday for wonks, which we guess tonight would make Marc Ambinder Cary Grant.