Andy Rosenthal: Falling For Sarah Palin Would Have Been Like Falling for ‘Mission Accomplished’

Has the New York Times been fair in this election? That’s what Frank Rich asked Andy Rosenthal at a panel discussion going on at the Times Building just now.

“I can’t be objective. I’ve been critical of the times in the past. I think our coverage has been fine. I don’t fault the Times, the Washington Post or the Journal,” he said. “I think the real problem has been on television, particularly on cable. People have a story line and they’re going to stick to it. Palin was a superstar. There was not a negative word about her when she was announced. this is why we fell for mission accomplished.”

“I don’t think that’s been a problem with the high-end print journalism. I’m not saying that because I’m in it, I’m saying it because i really believe it.”