At Democratic Leadership for 21st Century Party, ‘Old Europe for Obama!’

At the Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century party at Worldwide Plaza, which they’re calling “New York’s largest election night viewing party,” there’s three $5 drinks on the menu that will be discounted a dollar every time Obama picks up a battleground state:

  • Obama Mama — rum
  • Scranton Scrapper — basically, your typical sex on the beach
  • Si Se Puede (“Yes We Can” in Spanish) — a margarita

There’s also a few excited Germans, law students at Columbia:

“I hope that the better one wins, but I think the Americans are known for surrpises,” said Jorge Bohme, 29, referring to Obama. “But we’re not as nervous as you are!”

His friend Peter Haberrecker, 29, jumped in: “I am!”

A third friend, Michael Schramm, 20, declared: “Old Europe for Obama! He’s the exact opposite of George Bush. I don’t think he’s the messiah, but he’s very inspiring.”