At Overlook Party, Prosecco for Obama, Kool-Aid for McCain

At a party at Overlook Press publisher Peter Mayer’s Thompson Street apartment, we learned a few interesting things. Most notably that at one point Mr. Mayer had almost rented his apartment out to Nas, the rapper, and his wife, Kelis. Who knew!

“Everybody’s very happy,” said Mr. Mayer of his party guests. “I don’t think there’s one McCain person here. There’s Prosecco if we win, Kool-aid if we live…laced with cyanide.”

A moment later he turned to some someone else and said, “I am drunk.”

London-based literary agent Ed Victor,was at the party too, dressed in a regal, black, pin-striped suit and impressive scarf.

So was Vida Engstrand, 29, who lives in Greenpoint and is the new publicist at Overlook.  She was watching  MSNBC shortly after Ohio was called for Obama. “When is this party gonna…When are we gonna know? What are we even watching right now? I’m waiting for the half-tme show when the girls jump out with pom poms and bikinis.”

Ms. Engstrand wasn’t exactly a political junkie. “I think I followed Project Runway a little more closely,” she said.

“When you watch as much reality TV as I do,” she continued, “nothing is that real. I just want it to be over, you know. I keep my registration in Florida so that my vote matters… but actually I keep it because it means I keep my car insurance really low.”

Literary scout Rachel Hecht, who lives in Brooklyn, said that her boss, Mary Anne Thompson closed the office yesterday and had everyone volunteer. Ms. Hecht phone banked for Obama, calling Manatee County in Florida.

“Did you feel good afterwards?” asked her friend Juliet Graves, who works at Overlook.

“I felt amazing,” she said.        

 Later, she had a text message from Ms. Thompson.

“We have won Rachita!!! Pop that cork! We will have one happy motherfucking hangover a domain (smiley face). We win!!!!!!!!!”