Bloggers, Press Secretary to Media Cycle: Slow Down

This Sunday, The New York Times‘ Sharon Otterman introduced readers to slow-blogging, an approach to Web writing “inspired by the slow food movement, which says that fast food is destroying local traditions and healthy eating habits… slow bloggers believe that news-driven blogs like TechCrunch and Gawker are the equivalent of fast food restaurants — great for occasional consumption, but not enough to guarantee human sustenance over the longer haul.”

And while we’re sure they don’t like to be referred to as “slow bloggers,” they probably have a fan in… Dana Perino?

Ms. Perino, still-President Bush’s Press Secretary, was profiled by The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz this weekend as well. Mr. Kurtz writes:

From her vantage point, the rise of the blogging culture has damaged journalism. With mainstream reporters posting blog items throughout the day, ‘it’s snappy, sarcastic. It doesn’t necessarily engender trust between the reporter and the press people.’