Boogie Man on TV

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story—touted as one of the year’s very best political documentaries when it played at the Democratic and Republican conventions earlier this year—aired on PBS Frontline last night. Yes, I ought to have mentioned that before airtime rather than a day late, especially because most readers surely missed its theatrical run. But happily PBS will air the film again this week. In New York it will appear on WNET again next Saturday and on WLIW throughout the week. For airtimes on all local stations, check the Frontline page on the PBS website, which includes a handy zipcode widget. I should note again that I’m interviewed in the movie, but if you’re skeptical of my endorsement, consider this note to filmmaker Stefan Forbes from Ed Rollins, the former political boss in the Reagan White House and CNN Republican commentator:

“I saw the film today and I thought it was excellent. I wanted to see it on the big screen and waited for it to come to New York. You are a superb film maker and you captured Lee perfectly! He was a complicated man with a fascinating story. It would have been easy to make him only a villain and shallow. You took the time to paint a far more complete story.”