Casualties of the Fall: NBC Cancellations

Well, we suppose it’s that time of year: Last night Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reported that NBC has canceled My Own Worst Enemy (otherwise known as that Christian Slater show no one was watching. Gosh, people, have a little respect for someone who once played a man with a baboon heart!). But, for us, the sad news is hearing that Lipstick Jungle is also getting tossed (though we were starting to get suspicious when the network moved it over to the badlands that is Friday night primetime).

We don’t care what anyone says, we really sort of found ourselves loving this show – and here’s why: it was for adults. Don’t misunderstand, we enjoy a Gossip Girl episode as much as the next gal, but Lipstick, thanks in part (we’re sure) to thirtysomething alum Timothy Busfield acting as exeuctive producer, had all the fantasy elements of great clothes and millionaires and movie stars but it also showed three successful women over 40 who shared a very nice and believable friendship. Okay, and we’re still not over our Andrew McCarthy crush…

Mr. Ausiello noted that it’s unclear whether the unaired episodes will see the light of day. Take pity, NBC!