Coldplay Guitarist Jonny Buckland Buys $3.4 M. Condo at 21 Astor

jonny1 Coldplay Guitarist Jonny Buckland Buys $3.4 M. Condo at 21 AstorColdplay is a band so spectacularly mediocre that not even Brian Eno, practically the best producer on Earth, could have saved their last album, Viva La Vida, from being both bland and pompous. But they’re also so spectacularly mediocre that the album sold more downloads than any in the history of digital sales–all in two weeks.

And that means they get to live well.

According to city records, guitarist Jonny Buckland (whose name, bless his soul, is spelled like that on the deed) just paid $3.4 million for a condo at 21 Astor Place, a 116-year-old commercial building that was converted into 50 luxury loft condos. According to the listing, which calls the apartment "an opportunity for a true connoisseur," the place has 2,107 square feet, five rooms, two bedrooms, and two (and a half) bathrooms. More to come in tomorrow’s Observer

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