English Publisher Was Blowing Smoke In Talking Up New Obama Book

An article posted yesterday on UK publishing Web site The Bookseller seemed to suggest that Canongate, Barack Obama’s publisher across the pond, was getting ready to put out a new book by the President-elect.

The Bookseller quoted Canongate editorial director for non-fiction Nick Davies as saying, “We’re already talking to Barack’s US publisher and agent about a book for early 2009.”

As it turns out, Mr. Davies was not talking about anything we don’t already know about. According to Crown editor Rachel Klayman, who worked with Obama on The Audacity of Hope, the book in question is not a new work but the UK edition of Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise, the policy book that the Obama campaign published earlier this year as an antidote to the opposition’s contention that he was all talk and no substance.

An actual new book from Obama is unlikely to see the light of day until after he leaves the White House; Crown, which published both of his memoirs, has him under contract for one more title.