Fashion Roundup: Spotted, Anna Wintour Voting!; Heidi Klum Ruffles Hindu Feathers; How Ken Mok Fell for Anne Slowey

The bipartisan windows of Henri Bendel currently feature a group of five mannequins standing near red and blue polling booths, each representing a political party. Today, each mannequin has a question mark above its head, but tomorrow, these will be removed and all the girls will be placed in front of the winning booth. [WWD

Anna Wintour waited in line to vote in Soho today. [NY Mag

Several prominent Hindu activists are calling for a public apology from model Heidi Klum for dressing as a crass representation of the Hindu Goddess Kali for Halloween. [Vogue UK

Due to the troubled economy, Madison Avenue has been plagued by vacant storefronts. [WWD

Meanwhile, business at consignment and vintage stores is booming. [WSJ

Stylista executive producer Ken Mok says he fell in love with Anne Slowey when he heard her explain how she wanted her latte to the waiter: “It’s like physics, it’s something you have to explain to people. You know, you don’t put hot espresso over cold ice, because if you do it melts the ice and changes the flavor of the coffee– whatever.” [NY Post