Georgette Mosbacher’s Stiff Upper Lip

At the Harvey Weinstein/GQ party at the Public House on East 41 St., Georgette Mosbacher, another one of the hosts, was putting on a brave face. “As a Republican I plan to have fun in spite of it all. I’ll make the best of it,” said Ms. Mosbacher, who is the CEO of the Borghese cosmetics company and the ex-wife of Robert Mosbacher, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce under George H.W. Bush.

But how upset was she really about the election? “I am so upset, you have no idea,” she said, though she was laughing as she said it. “But I will not show it. I will not give my other friends the satisfaction of seeing me melt down!”

The actor Josh Lucas showed up with Accompanied Literary Society founder Brooke Geahan, at whose Halloween masquerade party he read a recently discovered Edgar Allen Poe poem. “We’re actually both from Pennsylvania,” said Mr. Lucas. “We actually went dorm to dorm canvassing. We went to Villanova, Temple, Lehigh, and Drexel, knocking on freshman doors getting people to vote.”

He continued: “I knocked on this one girl’s door. She looked at her television and saw me on it, then she looked at the door and she went, ‘huh?'” Laughter all around!

“I was so ready for us to win already, I wore an obama shirt for 45 days straight,” he added.

(Also spotted: GQ editor Jim Nelson drinking coffee.)

Socialite Ann Dexter-Jones told us she had come back from Rome to vote in the election. We wondered if Republican friends (like Ms. Mosbacher!) were very upset at the way the returns seemed to be coming in. “I cannot talk to them today,” she said. “Today is the day you do not discuss politics. That’s how you stay friends.”

Georgette Mosbacher’s Stiff Upper Lip