Greta Van Susteren Dreams of Running an Internet News Site

Arianna, Tina, Liz … and Greta?

On GretaWire today, Greta Van Susteren, the Fox News anchor and profilic blogger, invited readers to write in about their dream jobs. Ms. Van Susteren kicked things off by admitting that she sometimes dreams of running an online news site.

From the post:

I love my job but from time to time think about the future (I can be a dreamer)….what is next? what would be fun for me? Every day I have a different idea of what is next (and let me repeat, I do love my job), but if I had to pick today I would love to run an internet news site. I read the news all the time on the internet and I have some ideas of what I would do differently with some news sites…and I have had success developing GretaWire with you…so I have a history of working with the web….