Guns N’ Roses Streaming at MySpace; Chuck Klosterman Likes It!

By the time Chinese Democracy actually comes out, we’ll be sick of all this insanity. But for the moment, we’re pretty flabbergasted that we can simply head to MySpace—a little invention that saw daylight ten long years after Gun N’ Roses’ last record—and hear the entire album for free. All of Chinese Democracy, not just a handful of random tracks, leaked on Tuesday, but today you can hear the full record without risking a run-in with the FBI. Axl finally has what he’s always wanted: all eyes on him and his cornrows.

In related news, many of you may recall Chuck Klosterman’s “review” of Chinese Democracy two years ago—an April Fool’s Joke, and a good one at that. Well, yesterday, the AV Club published Klosterman’s real review, and it seems the guy likes the album even better the second time around. Klosterman is “impressed by how close Chinese Democracy comes to fulfilling the absurdly impossible expectation it self-generated.” Chuck even wishes Axl had indulged in a triple album (a possibility we’re sure the singer spent at least a couple years considering). Still, he (unlike many fans) is glad Slash never showed up. “What’s cool about Chinese Democracy is that it truly does sound like a new enterprise…” It also sounds like the last “Old Media album.” Chinese Democracy is “the last album that will be marketed as a collection of autonomous-but-connected songs, the last album that will be absorbed as a static manifestation of who the band supposedly is, and the last album that will matter more as a physical object than as an Internet sound file.”