Justin Timberlake Reveals SNL Template in 2 Minutes

If you think every single episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live was exactly the same (Another Digital Short about Laser Cats? Really?), you’re not alone: So does Justin Timberlake, who offered an Evolution of Dance-esque two minute run-through of an entire episode of the 34-year-old comedy-variety show during ‘Weekend Update.’

Call it celebrity lifehacking: Mr. Timberlake, who was scheduled to appear on next week’s show but had to cancel, saved viewers 90 minutes (or 30 minutes with DVR) by revealing all, from the host’s repetitive monologue to the groan-inducing recurring characters.

Judging by this week’s show, which featured guys French kissing, painting each other nude, gay cartoon characters, a cellphone in a man’s butt, and three male dancers in high heels, it’ll also save you an ass-load of gay-panic jokes.