Kelly’s Staff Levels

Ray Kelly is still testifying at the budget hearing on public safety in City Hall. Most of the talk so far is revolving around the reduced headcount he’s facing – from a peak of 40,800 in 2001, to an expected low of 33,325 at the end of Fiscal Year 2009 (as predicted by the Office of Management and Budget).

The reductions include clerical and non-uniformed positions, but Kelly admitted, “It’s inevitable that some of those positions will be back-filled by uniformed officers.”

Here’s some of what Kelly said about where the NYPD expects to get additional revenue: $8 million from Washington to help pay for protecting the United Nations; $1.9 million in Fiscal Year 2009 and 2010 from “additional tow revenue.”

City Councilwoman Helen Sears didn’t ask a question, but worried that the reductions will make it look like there aren’t any police on the streets.