Kirsten Dunst is Playing Journalist in North Dakota Today

In September, Kirsten Dunst told Harper’s Bazaar that she was working on a film about election day called Why Tuesday? as the first project for her new company Wooden Spoon Productions, which she formed over the summer. 

Our understanding was that the film would be something packaged for an election week or day release. But according to the Associated Press, Ms. Dunst is in fact in North Dakota right this minute working on the documentary with filmmaker Jacob Soboroff. (Oddly, while the Harper’s Bazaar profile indicated that the title of the film was Why Tuesday?, the AP says the documentary hasn’t been named yet.) 

The film will reportedly question why America has the lowest voter turn-out of most other countries and more specifically, why Election Day falls on a weekday rather a weekend.

“What we’re looking to do is give a nonpartisan look around the United States, and around the world, at how people are affected by voting systems, and what that means to the voters,” Mr. Soboroff told the AP.  

Yesterday the duo interviewed the state’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, and plan to be out at the polls today chatting with regular folks. Lucky North Dakotans might be confronted with the new downtown girl coming at them with a microphone and cameras–or maybe just a notepad and a ballpoint pen. 

“The older you get, it makes you feel more and more responsible for the power you have, especially being in the entertainment industry,” said Ms. Dunst. “And how delicate and important it is to use that power to influence people in a positive way.”

While we can’t wait for a documentary in which Ms. Dunst gets to show off her more politically involved, grown-up (and rehabilitated!) side, our only worry is a year from now, not many will want to know the answer to Why Tuesday? Unless of course the documentary is planned for a 2012 release date. 

Ms. Dunst said she has not decided whether she will appear in the film, but definitely plans to narrate it much like Al Gore did with An Inconvenient Truth. Meanwhile, it should also be noted that the young actress cast an absentee ballot on October 20 at the the Los Angeles County registrar’s office in Norwalk, Calif..  

Kirsten Dunst is Playing Journalist in North Dakota Today