Lineup for November 5th, 2008

Felix Gillette sits down with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, who says, “I really would like more time,” said Ms. Couric. “Because I think time is not our friend at the Evening News.”

Leon Neyfakh looks at Steve Rubin, publisher of Doubleday, and writes, “Steve Rubin would like everyone in book publishing to know that the 16 people who were laid off from Random House’s Doubleday division last week lost their jobs because he thought it had to be done, not because the new guy in corporate told him so.”

Gillian Reagan spends some time with Kevin Ryan, “the former CEO of DoubleClick, the modest web start-up that morphed into the largest online ad-serving company in the world. In July 2005, the company was sold to the private-equity firm of Hellman & Friedman LLC for $1.1 billion. Google bought it last year for $3.1 billion, nearly double the size of their payout for YouTube.”

Plus: Bolstering New York’s Media IndustryFall booksTimes Real Estate Section Ad Dearth.