Mitch McConnell’s Challenger Not Done Yet

The good news for Democrats is that nearly 20 percent of the vote in Kentucky has been tabulated, and even though the state was called early for John McCain, Bruce Lunsford remains relatively close to Mitch McConnell in the race for U.S. Senate, trailing by about 12,000 votes. McConnell seemed to be widening his lead in the final polls before the election, raising the possibility of a quick and decisive win. So far, though, Lunsford is hanging in there.

The race is important to Democrats for both emotional and practical reasons. On an emotional level, they would love to pay back the G.O.P. for its aggressive and successful campaign to oust Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle in 2004 (McConnell is the G.O.P. Senate leader). Practically speaking, this is exactly the kind of upset they need to engineer if they’re to have a chance of hitting the 60-seat mark.

UPDATE: McConnell won, but it was close.