Morning Memo: Ashley Dupre isn’t ‘That Girl’; Britney Spears Would Prefer ‘Jail’; Socialiterank Returns (Sort Of)

Ashley Dupre, whose much hyped Diane Sawyer interview airs Friday, told People magazine: “Everyone knows me as ‘that girl,’ but I’m not just ‘that girl’…I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers.” [People]

The Board of Elections, the head of which Tim Robbins called a “corrupt scumbag” after an Election Day snafu, has issued a statement inviting the actor to produce a public service announcement about voter participation. [TMZ]

A “very, very thin” and “stressed out” looking Gwenyth Paltrow traveled Miami last week as a guest of hotelier Jeff Soffer, instead of joining husband Chris Martin on tour. (Maybe she’s just sick of Coldplay like everyone else?) [P6]

Britney Spears doesn’t seem to be enjoying her new, less insane existence: “Even when you go to jail, you know there’s the time when you’re gonna get out,” she says in an upcoming documentary. “But in this situation, it’s never ending… It’s just like [the movie] Groundhog Day every day.” [US Weekly]

The infamous team behind the now defunct may be returning to the web with… an astrology website? [Cityfile]

Marquee’s Noah Tepperberg will likely receive community board approval to open a new lounge/restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Earth. [Grub Street

Robert Trump, brother of Donald, is scheduled to do battle with soon-to-be ex-wife Blaine in court next month. [P6