Morning Memo: Britney Spears’ Son is Okay; Tim Robbins Still Angry About Election Day; Juliette Lewis Doesn’t Know Chuck Bass

Britney Spears‘ younger son, Jayden James, is “fine” after an allergic reaction required that he be hospitialized. [People

British actress Kelly Reilly is not actually involved with Guy Ritchie, as was reported in the wake of his breakup with Madonna. In fact, she is engaged to someone else. [US Weekly

Someone named Juan Pablo Escobar, who claims to be the son of the late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, was making his way around the Queens International Film Festival and “chatting with a handful of producers about a TV show and a clothing line he wants to create.” [P6]

However, Pablo Sr.’s brother Roberto says, “I had [my sister-in-law] Maria at my house eight months ago. She never mentioned a son in the America. How would he get a visa to enter the United States?” [R&M]

After receiving a letter from the Board of Elections explaining that his Election Day troubles were due to an address mix-up, Tim Robbins is determinedly maintaining his outrage: “I think they are trying to cover their tracks,” he told a reporter. [P6]

Ed Westwick got shot down by Juliette Lewis at a Killers show. She reportedly asked a friend, “Who is this guy?” [R&M]