Morning Memo: George W. Bush Has a Drink; Britney Spears’s Boys Take After Their Father; Angelina Jolie Not Pregnant

Supposedly sober soon-to-be ex-President George W. Bush drank a Pisco Sour (that’s Peruvian brandy, lemon juice, egg whites, simple syrup, and regional bitters, for those playing at home) during his trip to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit last weekend. [ via Cityfile]

Someone at OK! magazine will probably be fired for incorrectly spelling Ashlee Simpson‘s name as “Ashley” on the cover. [P6]

Britney Spears claims her two sons, Jayden and Preston, have inherited father Kevin Federline‘s foul mouth and tendency toward bad behavior, though she is happy to report, “I think they look like me… They don’t look like their father at all.” [R&M]

Model Jessica Stam‘s boyfriend, recent NYU graduate Austin Clegg, may face jail time for for a collection of softcore crimes (marijuana possession charges, scrawling graffiti on West Fourth Street, and skipping community service). [P6]

Angelina Jolie is still in between pregnancies at the moment. [Us Weekly]