Morning Memo: Madonna News Roundup; Lindsay Lohan’s Straight Answer; Jennifer Aniston Not Pregnant

madonna lv Morning Memo: Madonna News Roundup; Lindsay Lohans Straight Answer; Jennifer Aniston Not PregnantMadonna has been drawing complaints from her neighbors at Central Park West’s Harperley Hall with her practicing at "all hours of the night." [Full Disclosure]

Meanwhile, sources claim that Alex Rodriguez has been telling ex- wife Cynthia that his affair with Madonna "is just a phase he is going through, and asking her to hang on and wait for him." [Page Six Magazine]

However, Mr. Rodriguez is supposedly planning on accompanying Madonna on her South American tour. [R&M]

Lindsay Lohan continues to eschew labels. When asked by a magazine if she considered herself a bisexual, Ms. Lohan answered, "Maybe. Yeah," and "No" to whether she was a lesbian. [P6]

Thinking she would be mobbed by fans, The HillsLauren Conrad "pitched a fit" at JFK Airport when her name was announced over the PA system, but apparently "no one even cared." [P6]

The usually health-conscious Karl Lagerfeld paid an assistant $500 to deliver seven loaves of Pennsylvania Wheat Bread and a tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter to his most recent photo shoot in Vermont. [Page Six Magazine, fourth item]

Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant with John Mayer‘s baby. [US Weekly]


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