Peek At Comedy Central Special: Susan Sarandon in Sneaks!

Susan Sarandon and her family attended tonight’s Indecision 2008, co-anchored by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Milling around near the kitchen in the early part of the night–where CNN played on a and popcorn, Doritos and 100 calorie packs of of Chips Ahoy were available for snacking–Ms. Sarandon wondered outloud if anything had happened, as states began to be called for the candidates.

She was wearing New Balance sneakers, and a black and white striped shirt. Her partner, Tim Robbins, wore jeans and a gray coat. Ms. Sarandon munched on Kettle Corn and chatted up other backstage visitors.

A golden retriever trotted through, following some staffer. Sigourney Weaver arrived.

As we eyed Ms. Sarandon, a staffer approached. “I don’t care about your name or your title… I will confiscate them.” By ‘them’ she meant cell phones and Blackberrys.

So we put ours away, briefly.

When Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart announced that Mr. Obama had won the presidency, both Mr. Robbins and Ms. Sarandon burst into tears and hugged.


Peek At Comedy Central Special: Susan Sarandon in Sneaks!