Poll: Bloomberg Down, But Still Up in Mayor’s Race

Quinnipiac is out with a poll showing Michael Bloomberg’s approval rating is down nine percentage points, but in hypothetical match-ups against his two likely Democratic mayoral rivals, he would win re-election.

The results are very similar to a Marist poll released last week, and both reflect some of the ambivalence New Yorkers seem to have about the mayor: many think he  has governed well even as they disapprove of his engineering his own third term.

Bloomberg’s approval-disapproval rating, according to Quinnipiac, is now (a still very strong) 66-27 percent, down from 75-20 percent in the October 21 Quinnipiac poll.

It’s not an insignificant slide, but in hypothetical match-ups against other likely candidates for mayor Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner, the mayor wins handily.