Report: Gael Greene, New York’s Insatiable Critic, Let Go

The FeedBag’s Josh Ozersky is reporting that Gael Greene has been let go by New York Magazine. Ms. Greene, a fixture at the magazine since its founding—she contributed a story to the magazine’s 40th anniversary issue that chronicled her quest for The Single Best Meal I Ever Had In 18,814 tries and the magazine ran an excerpt from her memoir in 2006—sent out a release in which said, “I describe it as cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

Mr. Ozersky writes

From our point of view, there’s no shame in any of this for either Gael or New York. Greene had a long and unforgettable run at the magazine, but Adam Platt is the chief restaurant critic now, and there’s no sense in trying to have two critics.

Ms. Greene continues to blog about food at Insatiable Critic.