Sarah Silverman Book at the Center of Furious Auction, Pot Stands at Around $2.5 Million

Sarah Silverman is writing a book, several sources confirm. Publishers have been fighting over it all morning and afternoon, with Trident Media Group founder Daniel Strone overseeing the proceedings and no doubt smiling broadly as the pot climbs past $2.5 million.

One of Mr. Strone’s other clients, meanwhile, ex-Microsoft sponsor Jerry Seinfeld, has a book on the market this week that is said to have driven at least two publishers crazy enough to submit bids in the $7 million to $8 million dollar range. Unclear whether that auction is over, or when Mr. Seinfeld will settle on a publisher, but judging by the reaction Media Mob has heard from agents, literary scouts and publishers who aren’t pursuing the book, whoever ends up winning is going to have some explaining to do. As one scout put it in an e-mail, “For serious, who has that kind of money? Isn’t the economy collapsing or something? How does giving Jerry Seinfeld more money seem smart to anyone?”