Sienna Miller Successfully Uses Human-Rights Law to Sue Paparazzi

Via Reuters, we’ve learned that Sienna Miller has gotten serious with her paparazzi hate, using a British human rights law to successfully sue Darryn Lyons and his Big Pictures photo agency for $80,000. In addition to the money, Mr. Lyons will pay Ms. Miller’s court costs and cease to photograph her at home or “make any effort to pursue her for pictures.”

Though the law was originally written to curtail the activities of those other celebrity pests–stalkers and animal rights protesters–Ms. Miller managed to use it by claiming the photographers had invaded her privacy and made her life “intolerable.”

This is the second time Ms. Miller, who caught a lot of flak for her recent relationship with the sort-of-married Balthazar Getty, has won a battle with the tabloid press. Last week, News Group Newspapers, the publisher of The News of the World and The Sun, paid her £35,000 in atonement for printing photos which they admitted “breached her privacy.”

No need to worry about a dearth of pictures, though. Ms. Miller’s lawyer told the court that Ms. Miller does not object “in principle” to being photographed “outside bars, restaurants and nightclubs, on public footpaths or highways and at red carpet events.”