Slash Mum On Chinese Democracy; Solo Record Will Involve Fergie

As we trudged through Chinese Democracy’s dubious early sales reports and reactions to the record from various luminaries (Jimmy Iovine – likes it, Duff McKagan – sorta likes it; the Chinese government – not so much), we thought we’d check in with that other guy from Guns N’ Roses. With Velvet Revolver in limbo at the moment, Slash (known to his mother as Saul Hudson) is busy working on his solo record. And if his wife Perla Hudson (yes, they met back-stage at a GNR show) is to be believed, Slash’s latest endeavor will involve Ozzy Osborne, Fergie, “and everyone in the middle”—this according to an interview with (via We’ll leave you to ponder who (or what) exactly falls “in the middle” of Ozzy and Fergie.

As for Slash’s feelings about the new GNR disc, Perla was less clear. “Well, our kids like it,” Ms. Husdon confided. “But they also like Elmo, so…”