Slideshow: Celebs Flock to Harvey Weinstein’s Election Night Playpen

As regular people partied in the streets last night, the city’s Hollywood imports gathered at the Public House in Midtown, where producer Harvey Weinstein, GQ editor Jim Nelson, Borghese CEO Georgette Mosbacher, and Glamour editor Cindi Leive hosted a bipartisan election night party. (On the bar was a bowl of Obama/Biden pins alongside a bowl of McCain/Palin pins.) 

Mr. Weinstein, originally a Hillary Clinton supporter, looked on giddily with wife, designer Georgina Chapman (clad in a glittery cocktail dress), as Barack Obama took the presidency. But Ms. Mosbacher, a well known Republican fundraiser, who served as the co-chairman of John McCain‘s 2000 campaign and is the co-chair of the Republican National Committee’s Finance Committee, was not so thrilled.

“I am so upset, you have no idea,” she told the Daily Transom last night. “But I will not show it. I will not give my other friends the satisfaction of seeing me melt down!”

The election results may not have been going the way Ms. Mosbacher would like them to, but the party seemed to be a success as celebrities like James Franco, Taylor Momsen, Gina Gershon and Jessica Alba arrived at the party to push their way past the crowds and say hello to “Harvey.” (At one point, there literally seemed to be a line of famous faces waiting in line as if to see the Pope.) 

See the slideshow for photos from the party and our personal favorite: The one where Ms. Alba chats up former Governor George Pataki

Slideshow: Celebs Flock to Harvey Weinstein’s Election Night Playpen