Smith’s Upstate Promise, Losing Faith in Paulson

"Senate Democrats are committed to upstate," writes Malcolm Smith in an op-ed. [Buffalo News]

Robert Harding does not believe in the upstate-downstate thing. [TAP]

Hundreds demonstrated in front of the Columbus Circle Mormon temple over the church's support of California's Proposition 8. [Daily Intel]

Beau Biden deploys in the next two weeks. [Politico]

Oversight of the federal bailout is "a mess," according to the Treasury's inspector general. [Wash Post]

Clay Risen says it's hard even for those who supported the bailout to keep faith in Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. [The Plank]

A former aide to Al Gore will be Joe Biden's chief of staff, which yet again demonstrates that the Obama administration prizes pragmatism, writes Marc Ambinder. [Atlantic]

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