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Sprint’s new Now website looks and sounds like a joke about white noise and information overload: It’s an absurdly profuse collection of superwidgets. But look more closely, and you’ll be rewarded — the widgets actually work, and some are surprisingly useful.

The site (which is part of an ad campaign for a mobile broadband card) allows you to play Pong, read New York Times headlines, watch any number of interesting cams, and see how many babies are being born, worldwide, at any given moment. (You can also check on flight arrivals, get sports updates, and buy DVDs.) We like the Brian Eno–esque background music, and the soothing voice that pipes in silly information-age banalities — “It’s currently now in all time zones,” “Please keep your hands inside the moment at all times” — had us in stitches. Too much information? Pshaw!

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