Ted Sorensen Hosts Robert Caro, Other Luminaries Tonight at 15 CPW

Tonight, on a lower floor of the haute new mega-condo Fifteen Central Park West, in a three-bedroom, 3,444-square-foot apartment that deific Ted Sorensen and his wife Gillian bought last November for $10.75 million, people who are smarter than just about everyone currently alive in New York City will be gathering to privately celebrate tonight’s election.

“I’ve spent my life writing books about political power,” the godly 73-year-old biographer Robert Caro said earlier today, “and for me, there’s no one on the face of the earth that I’d rather be watching an election night with than Ted Sorensen, with the exception, of course, of Lyndon Johnson.”

Mr. Caro, of course, won one of his two Pulitzers for his third book on Johnson, President Kennedy’s successor; Mr. Sorensen, his host tonight, was Kennedy’s speechwriter and close adviser. Ambassador William J. vanden Heuvel, who is even better-spoken than that mellifluous, multi-syllabic name suggests, will be at the get-together tonight, too. He was Robert F. Kennedy’s assistant in the 60s.

Sadly, Mr. Sorensen and his wife, a senior adviser to the United Nations Foundation, are not allowing uninvited guests. “He has, of course, been a participant in some of the great primary and general election contests of American history,” Mr. Caro said about the speechwriter, “and this is going to be another one.”