Tensions Still Linger at Old Hotel Breslin

alexcalderwood Tensions Still Linger at Old Hotel BreslinA commenter on W magazine’s glowing profile of the refurbished Hotel Breslin turned Ace Hotel on Broadway at West 29th Street, set to debut in February:

"Gee.. I think I’ll take over this SRO, kick everybody out and make them homeless, then inflict my own brand of derivative, unoriginal fabulousness on the world. But, please, don’t anyone else open a shop, restaurant, or inn nearby! I want to be the only one to be ‘cool’ in this neighborhood, because, you see, I’m appropriating everyone else’s style and calling it my own! Aren’t I an original stylemaker??? Well, aren’t I??? Please tell me I am! Oh, and please pick my rock and roll dorm to stay in next time you come to NY!"

Ace Hotels co-founder Alex Calderwood, who is managing the property for developers Andrew Zobler and Allen Gross, previously discussed the contentious SRO-to-hip hotel conversion in an interview with The Observer back in January:

“We’ve been working very, very closely with the tenants,” he said. “I’m confident that everything will work out for everyone.”

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