The Morning After: Times Organizes New White House Team

Last week, Executive Editor Bill Keller told The New York Times newsroom at his bi-annual State of the Newsroom address that the reporting job to cover the Obama White House would be “pretty goddamn amazing.” Likewise, Jill Abramson gushed to a crowd of Times readers on Election Night that the Obama administration would change Washington “hugely” and that “the Obamas have a kind of celebrity that remind me a little bit of the Kennedys in 1960.”


So who are the lucky folks who get to get the most prized job at the paper?

Michael Calderone of Politico is reporting that Obama campaign beat reporter Jeff Zeleny, foreign affairs reporter Helene Cooper, and Times Magazine contributor Peter Baker will all be heading to the White House for the paper. Additionally, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, the current Bush White House reporter (not exactly a prized job) will stay on the beat.