Wall-E comes home

You may have thought it was child’s play and skipped the theatrical release. But Wall-E is no more a kids’ movie than Animal Farm was a children’s book. Exhibit A: Pixar’s refusal to submit the film for the backwater Best Animated Feature Oscar this year, going instead for the big time, Best Picture. Exhibit B: the newly released three-DVD set.

The post-human silence of the film’s first half is eerie and terrifying. But the dystopian vision of the second half (dumb, jelly-bean-shaped humans remanded to a starship, strapped into chairs, and zonked out by ever-flashing flat screens) is disconcertingly near. “Go out!” the movie tells us. “Get off your ass and do something!” But first, take this DVD home, strap yourself into that Barcalounger, and hit PLAY.

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