Wedding Dress Designer Angel Sanchez Can’t Talk About Obama or His Mystery Pregnant Celebrity Client

The crowd at Josh Wood‘s LGBT gathering at Room Service was a fairly subdued one, with the majority of the mostly male crowd’s attention focused on the club’s various television screens.

In addition to the popular “Obama Pride” sticker, about one-quarter of the room was sporting name tags identifying their professions. “It’s a networking thing, believe it or not,” a helpful guest explained to us. Efficient! we thought, as we made our way through the room.

Party co-host and cabaret performer Justin Bond had not been informed of the networking aspect, however. “I don’t even want this sticker but they put it on me,” he said, pointing to his Obama tag.

Of all the parties in New York tonight, why had he opted for this one?

“Well, I wanted to be some place where there were a lot of other people because if this thing went the wrong way, I was going to need someone to keep me from jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge,” he said.

What else might happen if it went the wrong way?

“It’s not going to go the wrong way.”

Could he at least imagine?

“I don’t want to imagine… It’s not that kind of night.”

Outside, we ran into clothing designer Angel Sanchez, who valiantly attempted to maintain neutrality in the face of our nosy questioning: “I’m not allowed to talk because I’m not from New York… I don’t like to give a political opinion because I don’t have the power to vote, not yet,” the native Venezuelan told us.

Setting aside politics, we wondered how he might style the potential First Ladies, if given the chance. “I would make [Cindy McCain] more relaxed. She’s too stiff.”

“Get her hair out of that tight…thing,” a companion offered.

Mr. Sanchez agreed before telling us, “Michelle [Obama] is maybe more interesting to do something for. She’s tall and I like color on her.”

And how did he feel about Sarah Palin‘s attempts to glam up? “She tries very hard, but it’s not natural.”

Because Mr. Sanchez is known primarily for his bridal wear, we asked if he would be willing to fashion something for Bristol Palin.

“Oh, that’s easy for me. I have a celebrity client, actually, she’s already pregnant…”

Who, we demanded!

Alas, he couldn’t say. “You just have to add inches,” he explained.

A straw-haired drag queen walked by the group. “Oh look, it’s Cindy!” someone exclaimed. “She’s upset–one too many Quaaludes!”

Wedding Dress Designer Angel Sanchez Can’t Talk About Obama or His Mystery Pregnant Celebrity Client