Augusten Burroughs’ Mother Margaret Robison Shopping a Memoir

Roughly two weeks after orchestrating a six figure book deal for one-time girlfriend of J.D. Salinger Joyce Maynard, literary agent David Kuhn is selling a memoir by Margaret Robison, the mother of Augusten Burroughs. Mr. Kuhn actually submitted Ms. Robison’s book earlier this week, but calls to his office today went unreturned so we don’t know if it’s been sold yet.

Ms. Robison, a poet and a writer in her own right, was portrayed brutally in her son’s 2002 book Running With Scissors as a self-obsessed, negligent mother. That book created more than a few bad feelings within Mr. Burroughs’ family—both biological and adoptive—not to mention a lawsuit, as chronicled by Vanity Fair‘s Buzz Bissinger in 2007. (His work has also been closely scrutinized in the post-James Frey era by writers like New York Magazine’s Sam Anderson.)

Ms. Robison has spoken calmly about her son’s book it in interviews since, insisting that she does not hold her son’s book against him but making clear that she has issues with certain facets of his account.

“I’ve had to forgive myself for many things,” Ms. Robison told NPR in 2006. “To forgive my son. I have worked a long time with forgiveness.” She also said that Running with Scissors “offered [her] the opportunity to grow spiritually in a way that nothing had” before.

“I’m grateful for that book… I’m grateful for the opportunity that it gave me to grow spiritually.”

We’ll see if Ms. Robison’s memoir offers her son the same opportunity.

Augusten Burroughs’ Mother Margaret Robison Shopping a Memoir