Bjork To Rescue Iceland’s Economy?

bjork Bjork To Rescue Icelands Economy?Is it just us, or is it only in Iceland that it’s possible to imagine artists taking it upon themselves to single-handedly save the national economy? is reporting that super-human Icelandic pop-star, Bjork, has partnered with a Reykjavik venture capital outfit to fund sustainable businesses—all in an effort to prop up the country’s tattered economy. (Iceland’s banking system collapsed in October.) Audur Capital—a company founded by women aiming to “incorporate feminine values in the world of finance”—put down the initial investment of 100 million kroner ($826,000) to form the BJORK fund. BJORK promises to invest only in companies that are “socially and environmentally responsible” with a particular focus on those that “exploit [Iceland’s] well-educated human capital and vibrant culture.” You’re welcome to contact Halla Tomasdottir, Audur’s executive chairwoman, at, if you think you’ve got a Bjork-worthy propositon. But please do so by March 2009.

We can’t help but hope that a BRITNEY or SASHA FIERCE fund might emerge with millions of dollars in hand to save our own flagging economy. Yet somehow that seems unlikely…

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