CNN’s Michael Ware on Iraq War Coverage: ‘We Need to Constantly Jar the Sensitivities of the People Back Home’

In the current issue of Men’s Journal, Greg Veis provides a complex portrait of CNN’s man in Iraq, War Correspondent Michael Ware. (This comes via The Huffington Post’s Media vertical.)

At one point in the piece, Mr. Ware describes to the reporter a firefight he captured on film in Fallujah in November 2004:

Ware believes he recorded the perfect war experience that night, a snapshot you can get only from terrifying proximity. He dreams of renting out a theater and subjecting an audience to it in full surround sound; that way people would know what it’s really like over there. ‘It’s my firm belief that we need to constantly jar the sensitivities of the people back home,’ he says. ‘War is a jarring experience. Your kids are living it out, and you’ve inflicted it upon 20-odd million Iraqis. And when your brothers and sons and mates from the football team come home, and they ain’t quite the same, you have an obligation to sit for three and a half minutes and share something of what it’s like to be there.’