Did He Really Want to Hurt Him? Boy George Guilty of False Imprisonment of Escort

In other legal news, NME.com is reporting that Boy George has been found guilty of handcuffing a male escort to his wall and beating him with a metal chain. (Looks like the “too fat” defense didn’t quite pan out.) How is that illegal, you say? Well, it seems the escort in question, Audun Carlsen, wasn’t too keen on the idea—hence the charge of false imprisonment. To briefly recap, after a first meeting between the two (during which cocaine was ingested and sex acts performed), Boy George (real name George O’Dowd) accused Carlsen of tampering with his computer. The former Culture Club singer then lured Carlsen back to his East London home for a second encounter last April where, according to Carlsen, O’Dowd and an unidentified man jumped him, beat him up, slammed handcuffs on his arms, and chained him to a bedroom wall. Carlson eventually managed to free himself—escaping in only his boxer shorts and sneakers—though not before Boy George got in a few good licks with a metal chain.

Sentencing is scheduled for January 16. False imprisonment carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, and while such a harsh sentence isn’t likely, the AP is reporting that the 46-year-old may get some jail time. Now would be the time to cry, George.