Former Daily News Reporter Claims Bias Toward Atlantic Yards

Daily News Editor in Chief Martin Dunn, who made an appearance this morning with Michael Bloomberg to promote a free financial services hotline for New Yorkers, has a small cameo in a new documentary about media bias and the Atlantic Yards project.

In a segment of the Independent Film Channel series Media Project, former Daily News reporter Deborah Kolben says she was barred from writing about Atlantic Yards after the the developers complained about her coverage.

Kolben makes her claim around the 4:21 mark, prompting one of the movie’s narrators to confront Dunn outside his home.

“I don’t even know who you’re talking about,” Dunn says. When pressed, he adds, “You obviously are not an editor, right? I run a newspaper. I can do what I like.”

Norman Oder has more on Kolben and Atlantic Yards.