Katy Perry’s A Hit With British Infants

File this under wacky British surveys (of which there are apparently many): According to the BBC (via Rollingstone.com), a survey of the nation’s mothers conducted by the respected British parenting site The Baby Website concluded that most women sing pop songs instead of traditional lullabies to send their babies off to sleep. That isn’t terribly surprising. What’s surprising is just what Her Majesty’s mothers are singing. Take That’s “Patience” proved the most popular, followed by Robbie Williams’ “Angels,” and, impossibly, Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”(!)—the vaguely homophobic ode to Sapphic love as a way of making your boyfriend jealous. We can’t imagine what illicit thoughts are coursing through the soft brains of England’s children right now. If American mothers were doing the same thing, the Family Research Council and their ilk would be out burning Ms. Perry’s records in the streets.

Anyway… Elsewhere on the top ten saw James Blunt and Christina Aguilera, with “You’re Beautiful” and “Beautiful” respectively, as well as Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender”—the only older tune on the list. Guns N’ Roses’ oddly appropriate “Sweet Child O’ Mine” also made the list at no. 8, as did Britain’s second national anthem: Oasis’ “Wonderwall.”