Lydia Hearst’s Internship Almost As Exciting As James Frey’s!

It looks as though former Page Six columnist Lydia Hearst‘s internship at BlackBook was, in the style of James Frey‘s recent visit to Gawker, more of a one-day joke/publicity thing than a long term joke/publicity thing (their former intern, Ryan Adams, stuck around long enough to get his own column!). Ms. Hearst’s brief return to the publishing universe consisted of staring intently  at a computer through a pair of chunky glasses, stuffing and delivering guidebook-laden holiday gift boxes, riding the subwaybringing an empty envelope to nightlife columnist Steve Lewis at Webster Hall, and Blackberrying on a stoop.  All that work seems to have earned Ms. Hearst a trip to Paris, which is where she told her BlackBook overlords she’ll be for the next couple weeks. However, she did leave them–and us!–with a parting gift: a list of some of her favorite international dining and shopping options. Her picks are mostly predictable–Pop Burger, Patricia Field, Patsy’s, Lil’ Frankies–but she also included a special tip for the recession-minded (a group that seems to include everyone these days!):

Fisch for the Hip–Stealth consignment shop that’s a well-kept secret among models, socialites and celebs. I won’t dare reveal their names (since many request special delivery and shopping hours) but this is one of the hottest shops in Manhattan. High quality, vintage, rare and seasonal treasures make it hard to believe the affordable prices. Loaded with upscale designer merchandise like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Nina Ricci and many more. Fret not: their staff is fully versed on the history of every individual piece and whether or not its been previously worn on or off the red-carpet.”

It’s 153 W 18th St., in case you were looking to do some high-end thrifting (or spying).