Martin Scorsese to Direct Yet Another Movie

It’s official: Martin Scorsese doesn’t want anyone else directing movies in Hollywood. Production Weekly is reporting (via /Film) that the Oscar winner is set to helm the poorly titled Falcon’s Tale. The film would focus a criminal who gets busted for drugs and then cuts a deal with the government to go inside a maximum security mental institution to find out the whereabouts of a serial killer’s victims. Yawn. Falcon’s Tale is supposedly based on the life story of James Keene, the son of a police chief who wrote an article this past summer for Playboy about his misadventures. Screenwriter William Monahan, who won his Oscar for adapting The Departed, has been with the project since the spring and The Departed producer Graham King on board as well, making this a happy reunion if Mr. Scorsese actually decides to direct. However that is a big “if”.

It seems like the problem with Mr. Scorsese over the last few years is that he has forgotten how to just say no. Including Falcon’s Tale, he’s currently attached to direct or in talks to direct six different movies and a documentary about George Harrison. And we didn’t even include the modern day version of The Great Gatsby he’s putting together for Vincent Chase to star in on Entourage (which, p.s., sounds like a great idea.) Don’t get us wrong, we love that Mr. Scorsese wants to work–too few great directors actually seem to make movies anymore. But perhaps some more focus would benefit Mr. Scorsese’s current schedule. After all, by the time the completed Shutter Island gets released next October, it’ll be three full years since The Departed came out. At that rate, we should be seeing Falcon’s Tale by 2024.

In other Martin Scorsese news, word is that Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald are in talks to play roles in his upcoming HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Already on our radar as the next “best show on television”, Boardwalk is based on the book by Nelson Johnson and tells the story of Atlantic City’s rise during the 1920s. Mr. Buscemi will play a liquor distributor at the onset of Prohibition, while the lovely Ms. Macdonald will star as an Irish immigrant with a nasty husband. Mr. Scorsese is certain to direct the pilot of the series from a script by Terence Winter (The Sopranos), but after that, how much involvement he’ll have is unclear. Considering all the feature film projects he has lined up, we hope HBO doesn’t keep a seat warm for him.