Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Flack, Paterson’s Flack Jacket, Nadler’s Interest

Michael Bloomberg’s hiring of Howard Wolfson is national news.

Potomac Flacks wonders who’ll be the spokesman at the State Department now.

The Wolfson hire may be a sign that Bloomberg is considering a run as a Democrat.

The resistance to Caroline Kennedy stiffens.

Irene Liu offers the Beach Boys’ opinion on the Kennedy matter.

Kennedy is a $100 million woman.

Andrew Cuomo pressures an insurance company into paying for cancer treatment.

The Democrat and Chronicle tracks the speeding-ticket hot spots.

The cold region offers Paterson’s plan a cold reception.

New York’s freshman representatives are requesting committee assignments.

Calling on suggestions for how the next U.S. senator can help the mid-Hudson Valley.

The Erie County Comptroller comments on the case of ex-Parole Head George Alexander.

Bloomberg defended his fire commissioner from an unflattering report from the Manhattan District Attorney.

Fire union boss Steve Cassidy is not so kind to him.

There’s video of Hiram Monserrate trying to toss his girlfriend’s bag in the trash and of her pounding on her neighbor’s door for help before going to the hospital.

Drugs at the Board of Elections, in the Bronx.

James Barron says public officials have to be concerned with how they look topless.

And here’s Jerry Nadler expressing interest in becoming a senator.