Mika Brzezinski Gets Mugged, Gets to Confront D.C. Mayor on TV an Hour Later

Inauguration Day is coming! And this morning Joe Scarborough was broadcasting ‘Morning Joe’ from Washington, D.C., where Mayor Adrian Fenty was to be on hand to talk about the city’s security and traffic plans for Jan. 20.

But the public safety angle got a different twist when Mr. Scarborough revealed that an hour before his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, had been mugged outside her Washington hotel while waiting for her car service.

“A guy walks across the street straight for her,” Mr. Scarborough said, adding the hotel should “at least police five feet outside their own doors.” Mrs. Brzezinski said she gave the mugger the $6 in cash she had with her, adding that he asked her for $20 and said something along the lines of “Give me money and nothing will happen.”

Ms. Brzezinski, however, was apologetic about the flap her mentor was making.

“Mayor it was six dollars, it’s OK,” Mrs. Brzezinski told Mr. Fenty. “I love that hotel. I’ll need six dollars before I leave the bureau is all.”

Via Washington Times.