Moby Eats Meat in Suck

Suck sounds like one of those films that end up being more fun to gossip about than to watch. But since the thing isn’t coming out till next fall, we’ve got a good while to revel in the absurdity. To backtrack a bit: The flick, written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk, is a chronicle of vampirism in the music business—the literal kind—and features a massive list of musical cameos. The luminaries include Burning Brides’ Dimitri Coats, Alice Cooper, Rush’s Alex Lifeson, Moby, Iggy Pop, Carole Pope and Henry Rollins. Malcolm McDowell (he of Clockwork Orange) also shows up as a vampire hunter.

While plot points are scarce, according to the Guardian (via, the flick focuses on a band known as the Winners who are “torn between bloodsucking music execs and actual bloodsuckers.” There’s also a subplot involving the Secretaries of Steak—a meat-lovin’ punk outfit fronted by none other than animal-rights activist and vegan extraordinaire, Moby. So what does Mr. Robert Melville Hall think about playing a carnivore named Beef with a “USDA approved” tatto on his neck whose fans get off by pelting him with meat (foam rubber on set) and blood (raspberry syrup)? “I’m making a specialty of playing douche bags,” Moby tells “I could spend the rest of my career perfecting the douche bag. It’s the journey not the destination.”