Morning Memo: Christopher Buckley to Continue Telling All; Madonna and A-Rod Spotted in Mexico; Lindsay Lohan Gives Advice

Christopher Buckley will continue to work through his daddy issues with a new book about the death of his parents, William F. and Pat Buckley, which he predicts will “land hard in some quarters.” [P6]

Cameron Diaz made a big deal of avoiding ex Justin Timberlake‘s current girlfriend Jessica Biel backstage at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, but Ms. Biel was apparently too busy showing off her hot dad to notice. [Full Disclosure, second item]

It’s probably not a coincidence that Madonna and Alex Rodriguez are both in Mexico City right now. [NYDN]

Samantha Ronson‘s half-sister, 20-year-old Annabelle Dexter-Jones, has been asking Lindsay Lohan for advice on picking an agent. [Page Six Magazine]

Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr are not engaged, in case you heard they were. [Us Weekly]

Metallica drummer (and art collector) Lars Ulrich doesn’t do drugs anymore, but he still likes “bonding” with friends in bathroom stalls. [P6]