Morning Memo: Ego Clashes at the Four Seasons; Madonna and A-Rod’s Separate Apartments; Why Today Spurned Britney Spears

britney on gma Morning Memo: Ego Clashes at the Four Seasons; Madonna and A Rods Separate Apartments; Why Today Spurned Britney SpearsUnsurprisingly, Vanity Fair photographer Todd Eberle had a difficult time corralling the 64 power lunchers who assembled at the Four Seasons restaurant for a photoshoot on Monday. Also, it seems that Richard Johnson called half of the crowd old. [P6]

Now Madonna and Alex Rodriguez are just looking to share a neighborhood, rather than an apartment. And FYI: "This isn’t a deep and serious love affair. It will last as long as Madonna wants it to… She could get five or six years out of it – but only if it’s in her best interest to keep him around." [Gatecrasher]

We were disappointed to learn that Joe Biden "sipped water and stayed off the dance floor" during a birthday party for his daughter-in-law at Elephant. [P6]

Leonardo DiCaprio had dinner with problem-causing billionaire Ron Burkle at Cipriani on Sunday night. [Guest of a Guest]

The Today Show passed on a Britney Spears appearance after being informed of the singer’s "ridiculous" demands, but Good Morning America was still up for the abuse. [Gatecrasher

The brave people of Christie’s International are auctioning off a 35.56-carat grayish-blue diamond worth $13.4 million this week. [Bloomberg]

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